Identifying Sources for Minority Scholarships

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Are there resources to identify scholarships for my particular minority group?

Identifying Sources for Minority Scholarships

There are many scholarship programs dedicated to providing college funding for minority students. Any future or current college student who is a member of a minority group should definitely conduct a minority scholarship search. By researching scholarship opportunities specific to your minority status, you are able to expand your potential resources for funding beyond just scholarship programs which are open to larger segments of the population. You are likely to come across some minority scholarship programs when researching general scholarship opportunities. However, when focusing on how to find scholarships specifically for minority groups, it is a good idea to conduct a specific minority scholarship search.

Various minority scholarships include:

  • Alaska Native scholarship opportunities
  • African American scholarship programs
  • Hispanic scholarship opportunities
  • American Indian scholarship fund
  • Programs for many different minority populations
  • Scholarship opportunities for African Americans



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