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I'm interested in a vocational career, are there scholarships available?

Vocational Scholarships

Are traditional academics not your cup of tea? Do you prefer working with your hands and building things? If you are interested in vocational training, there are scholarships available.

The local Rotary Club is a great place to start as they offer yearly scholarships for vocational training. Local Union chapters are also excellent sources. Union offices are listed in the phone book, so call the Local chapter of Masons and see what they have available. Most offer some financial aid for non-members hoping to pursue their trade.

What is the Washington Trucking Association Scholarship.

Washington Trucking Association Scholarship

*Not all Unions require award recipients to pursue their chosen trade.

The Washington Trucking Association offers a yearly scholarship for vocational study. The winner does not have to pursue trucking but needs to apply the award to any vocational school in the state of Washington.

What is the HOPE scholarship?

The Hope Scholarship

The HOPE scholarship is a Georgia based scholarship that offers assistance to students enrolled in a Georgia technical college. Students can be enrolled in a program to earn a diploma or certificate are eligible.

In order to maintain a Georgia based scholarship, students must maintain a B average and full time enrollment is not required. The scholarship is opened to legal Georgia residents and can be renewed each year.

What is the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Award?

Florida Gold Seal Vocational Award

For the vocational-minded student in Florida, there is financial aid just for you. The Florida Gold Seal Vocational Award is given annually to help vocational students fund their education. The award pays 75% of tuition and fees per semester at a public vocational institution.

Students wishing to attend a private school will receive a flat award of 75% of the average tuition to a comparative public school. The qualifications in club GPA, test scores in CPT, ACT or SATs and has requirements to the courses taken. Florida residents should look into this wonderful resource.

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