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Are there programs for high school artists that can qualify them for arts-related college scholarships?

youngARTS Provides Access to $3 Million in Art and Music College Scholarships

The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA) is dedicated to supporting and advancing talented young artists. The organization sponsors and administers the youngARTS program, which provides talented students with access to more than $3 million dollars of scholarship opportunities.

The youngARTS program recognizes students who excel in a wide variety of disciplines encompassing every facet of performing, visual, and literary arts. In an effort to identify the most talented young artists, every high school in the country is contacted. Each year, between 6,000 and 8,000 high school students apply for the program, and approximately 10% of applicants are selected to receive various types of awards, including art and music college scholarships.

Additionally, many of the country's most prestigious colleges and universities seeking to recruit highly talented young artists offer fine art scholarships designated specifically for youngARTS applicants.

Are there any national scholarship competitions for Interior Design students?

IFDA Awards Numerous Annual Art and Design Scholarships

The International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) Educational Foundation funds a number of art and design scholarships each year, ranging in value from $1,000 - $2,000.

Available IFDA art and design scholarships include:

  • Charles D. Mayo Student Scholarship
  • IFDA Part time Student Scholarship
  • IFDA Student Member Scholarship
  • Ruth Clark Furniture Design Scholarship
  • Vercille Voss IFDA Graduate Student Member Scholarship
Applicants for all IFDA scholarship programs must be have successfully completed four design courses prior to application, and must be majoring in Interior Design or another field that is very closely related.

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Applicants must submit the following for review:

  • Official transcript
  • Recommendation letter from a design instructor
  • Essay regarding goals, awards, and achievements
  • Photographs of student's original design work
  • Additional requirements specific to particular scholarship program

Are there any music scholarships designated for church musicians?

Music Scholarships Available for Church Musicians

The annual Charlotte Hoyt Bagnall Scholarship for Church Musicians awards a number or music scholarships, ranging from $300 to $1,500 to assist recipients fund studies related to religious music and liturgy. Funds may be utilize to pay for high school, collegiate, or graduate studies related to religious music. Recipients may also use their music scholarships to fund attendance at relevant seminars.

Applicants will be required to provide the following information:

  • Statement of musical qualifications
  • Experience as a church musician
  • Statement of goals as a church museum
  • Description of training program for which funds will be used
  • Name of organization or person providing training program
  • Statement of how funds will help musician achieve stated goals
  • Requested amount (maximum award is $1,500)
  • One or more letters of reference
These music education scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Applications must be received by December 31 to be considered for an award in the following year.

Are there any scholarship programs designated for music therapy students?

National Federation of Music Clubs Funds Annual Music Therapy Scholarship Program

The National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) sponsors the NFMC Dorothy Ann Bullock Music Therapy Award each year. NFMC music therapy scholarships valued at $1,000 are available to college sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are NFC members and are majoring in music therapy at an accredited institution approved by the American Music Therapy Association.

Applicants must be recommended by the head of the Music Therapy department in which they are enrolled. Students must also submit a vita that details their work, school, and community activities and that emphasizes their musical experience. Additional required information includes personal goals, a description of area of interest within Musical Therapy field, and a statement of financial need. Application forms and complete scholarship program details may be found online . Complete packages must be received by NFMC no later than March 1 for current year consideration.

Are there any arts scholarships designated for sculpture students?

National Sculpture Society Awards Fine Arts Scholarships to Sculpture Students

The National Sculpture Society (NSS) awards $2,000 fine art scholarships each year to gifted sculpture students. Individuals studying figurative and representational sculpture at an accredited U.S. postsecondary institution are invited to apply for one of these art scholarships.

Students may download official application packages from the National Sculpture Society website. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation; a letter of application that includes details of the student's background in sculpture; documentation of financial need; and a CD featuring 8-10 images of examples of the applicant's sculpture work.

Complete applications must be received by NSS May 31 to be considered for the current award year. Applicants are reviewed by a committee of NSS members who are professional sculptors. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the student's school, for credit toward tuition expenses.

Are there craft based contests available.

Crafty Scholarships

For people with an artistic soul, there are many scholarships available.

The Alliance For Young Artists & Writers, INC annually hosts scholarships contests in 16 art and 10 writing categorizes.

Illustrators of the Future Contest is open to artists wishing to submit three black and white illustrations of a science fiction or fantasy story.

For the knitter, the National Make It Yourself With Wool Competition for knitting wool garments is available.

Are there any scholarships that fund professional opera training for vocalists?

Opera Foundation Awards American-Berlin Opera Scholarships

The American-Berlin Opera Scholarship program, administered by The Opera Foundation, funds vocal music scholarships for American singers to study for a period of approximately 10 months at the prestigious Berlin opera house, Deutsche Oper.

Program participants will participate in advanced vocal training and have an opportunity to gain professional experience through participation in Deutsche Oper productions throughout the season. Recipients will receive a $15,000 stipend and transportation to and from Berlin. Additionally, students may be receive additional honoraria for roles in Deutsche Oper productions during their stay.

American singers (citizens and permanent residents) between the ages of 18 and 30 who are launching their singing careers are eligible for the scholarship competition. Applicants must complete the application process, which includes submitting an application package and completing an in-person audition in New York, as is required for many performing arts scholarships.

Are there scholarships for Music Majors?

Music Scholarship Tip

For the music-minded scholars, the schools they are interested in applying to are good starting points for finding scholarships. Many programs offer scholarships to help talented musicians develop their talent.

When considering which schools to apply to, check to see what types of scholarships are offered for the program of interest. There are national organizations, such as the American Federation of Musicians, that offer scholarship programs for aspiring musicians.

I play a musical instrument, are there band scholarships?

This One Time, in Band Camp....

Marching Band, Jazz Band, Symphony, Wind matter what type of music you like to play, there is a band out there for you join.

Most schools offer full and partial scholarships for band members. Applications involve some sort of audition and recommendations from teachers and band leaders. So, tune up and play your way to lower tuition costs.

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