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If I want to be a teacher, what sort of aid can I get?

Teaching Scholarships

Teachers are in demand in every state. Students who have the calling to become a teacher are usually offered a plethora of scholarship opportunities.

Most states offer a scholarship program that requires a commitment to teach in that state for a certain amount of time after graduation. Teaching organizations have scholarships for all levels of interest from pre-school to secondary education.

Can I forgive/cancel my student loans as a teacher?

Forgiveness for Teachers

With the demand for teachers so high, most states offer some sort of forgiveness/cancellation of loans. Each state has a different formula, but the general guideline is that a certain amount of money will be cancelled per year spent teaching in that state.

Federal forgiveness programs also offer relief for teachers who work in low income areas, special education teachers, and teachers who concentrate in certain "in demand" subjects such as the foreign languages, math and science.

What types of scholarships does North Carolina offer.

Teaching in North Carolina

North Carolina offers many scholarships to lure in good teachers. While North Carolina does not offer a cancellation or forgiveness program, there are 4 very impressive programs that they do offer:

• The Prospective Teacher Scholarship Loan offers $2500 per academic year for full-time students.
• The Robert C. Bryd Honors Scholarship awards 160 scholarships of $1500 each based on academic achievement.
• The Teacher Assistant Scholarship Loan offers up to $3500 for full time assistants attending community college.
• The North Carolina Assembly offers the Teacher Assistant Scholarship Fund which awards up to $1800.

What is the PROMISE Teacher Scholarship.

PROMISE Teacher Scholarship

The PROMISE Teacher Scholarship is an division of Georgia's HOPE Scholarship. The PROMISE provides forgivable loans for teacher who want to teach in Georgia. After graduation, student agree to teach 1 academic year in Georgia for every $1500 awarded. If at anytime the teacher chooses to leave Georgia, the balance is due in full to the Georgia Department of Education.

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