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Are there height based scholarships?

Too Tall or Too Short

The average height in the United States for a male is 5'9" and for a female it ranges from 5'3'' to 5'5''. For those that fall far short or far exceed that average, there are scholarships available.

Tall Clubs International offers scholarships for women who are at least 5'10'' and men who are at least 6'2''. The Billy Barty Foundation offers scholarships to "students of short stature" and the Little People of America Scholarship provides scholarships to members and their families (to join, a person must be 4'10'' or shorter).

Are there any scholarships for vegetarians?

College Scholarships for Vegetarian Students

The Vegetarian Resource Group awards two $5,000 scholarships each year to graduating high school seniors who are vegetarians and who have promoted vegetarianism within their school or community.

To apply for one of these unique scholarships, students must write an original essay that includes details about their experiences as a vegetarian. Topics covered must include information such as: why the applicant became a vegetarian, how he or she has promoted vegetarianism, personal definition of vegetarianism, information about foods and restaurants he or she would recommend to others, and more.

In addition to the essay, scholarship hopefuls must submit answers to a series of questions about themselves and their backgrounds, high school transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. Applications must be postmarked on or before February 20.

Are there scholarship for left handed people?

Left-Handed Scholarships

Approximately 10% of the population is left-handed. There are many rumors and whisperings of scholarships for left handed people. This is one of many wacky scholarship opportunities for physical attributes that can be found.

In this case though, the only verified left-handed scholarship is to Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. This scholarship offers $1000 to left handed students.

Are there any athletic scholarships for bowlers?

College Scholarships for Bowlers

Anyone who bowls knows that bowling is a sport that requires a significant amount of athletic ability. Students who participate in United States Bowling Congress (USBC) have an opportunity to win their share of more than $6 million dollars of money for school from this unusual college scholarships resource. Many colleges and universities sponsor NCAA bowling teams, and offer athletic scholarships to talented bowlers.

The USBC website publishes a listing of colleges and universities that offer bowling scholarships, along with contact information. Information about the many national bowling scholarship programs is also available on the website.

National USBC scholarship opportunities for include:

  • Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow
  • Annual Zeb Scholarship
  • Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarships
  • Gift for Life Scholarships
  • Kerm Helmer Horizon Award
  • Who's Who Among American High School Students All-Academic Bowling Team
  • Youth Ambassador of the Year
  • Youth Program Volunteer of the Year

Are there any skateboarding scholarships?

College Scholarships for High School Skateboarders

There are many different opportunities for students to earn college scholarships that relate to their athletic abilities and hobbies. One of the most unusual scholarships for student athletics is the Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship.

Open to high school senior skateboarders, the Patrick Kerr Skateboard scholarship program awards four different scholarships each year. One applicant will receive a $5,000 college scholarship and three others will receive $1,000 awards.

Application Criteria:

  • Current-year high school senior
  • Skateboarder
  • U.S. Citizen
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher (4.0 scale)
  • Enroll in 2 or 4 year accredited postsecondary institution in the fall term immediately following high school graduation
Applicants must submit an essay that addresses the following question: How has skateboarding been a positive influence in your life? Additional required application materials include two letters of recommendation, an official transcript, and information about the applicant's involvement in promoting skateboarding in his or her community.

What is an example of a scholarship contest?

Happy to be Stuck With You!

One of the most original contests is the annual "Stuck at the Prom" contest offered by DUCT Tape. In this contest, a couple must make prom attire completely out of DUCT Tape. Contestants then send pictures in and the winners receive a $5,000 scholarship.

*Head on down to dad's tool box, dig out that DUCT tape, and get creative!

Are there scholarships available based on my name?

Name Based Scholarships

Bobby Zolp hated his name, he was always last in line and had to sit at the back of the class. However, that all changed when he went to apply for scholarships. Loyola University offers a full tuition scholarship to anyone with the last name Zolp (the name Zolp must appear on the birth certificate).

This isn't the only named-based scholarship. North Carolina State University offers full scholarships to students named Gatling or Gatlin. Scholarship sources can help you find out if there is a scholarship with your name on it...literally.

What are some of the most unusual scholarships?

Wacky Scholarships

There is a scholarship out there for just about every thing. Here is a list of some of the wackiest scholarships available:

• The Klingon Language Institute offers a scholarship to students studying language
• The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest gives scholarship money for duck calling
• The International Boar Semen Scholarship is available for those interested in swine management
• Joseph Bulova School in Queens offers scholarships to disabled foreign students who want to study watch making
• The New England Chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance offers scholarships to overweight students.

Finding these scholarships may take some looking, however, where there's a will, there may very well be a way.

Are there any wacky or unusual scholarships available?

Twins, Triplets and Paying for College

Having twins (or triplets) was cute when they were little. Matching holiday outfits, matching snow suits, but now you're facing matching tuition bills. The following colleges offer discounts and scholarships to twins and triplets:

• Carl Albert State College in Oklahoma
• George Washington University in Washington DC
• Lake Erie College in Ohio
• Morning Brown College in Atlanta
• Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
• Randolph-Macon Women College in Virginia
• Sterling College in Kansas
• West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Least we forget about the parents of these twins and triplets, the Illinois Organization of mothers of Twins Club sponsors scholarships to four parents of multiples who wish to continue their education.

What sorts of scholarships are available in the sciences.

Unusual Scientific Scholarships

For the scientist not interested in space travel, bio-chemistry, or nuclear physics, there are may still be scholarship help available. Here are some options:

• The American Society for Enology and Viticulture offers scholarships in wine making.
• For those into spores, molds and fungus, the Mycological Society of America offers scholarships.
• Students studying the science of parapsychology could receive help from the Eileen J. Garrett scholarship.
• The LaFontaine Aquatic Entomology Award is for students conducting research projects in aquatic entomology.

Are there scholarship programs for golf caddies?

Evans Scholars Foundation Funds Golf Caddie Scholarships

Have you ever worked as a golf caddie? If so, your work experience just might qualify you for one of the unique scholarships offered by the Evans Scholars Foundation. The Evans Scholars Foundation is a charitable trust, overseen by the Western Golf Association, that provides college scholarship funding for deserving golf caddies.

Applicants must have two years of caddie experience, a “B” or higher grade point average, have demonstrated financial need, and exhibit character, integrity, and leadership potential.

Recipients receive scholarships that pay for all tuition and housing expenses to attend specific colleges in their home states of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, or Wisconsin. Awards are made for a period of one year, and may be renewed for up to four years.

Are there any scholarships related to Star Trek?

The Klingon Language Institute Scholarship for Language Study

Even though the Klingon Language Institute's (KLI) $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship sounds like one of the more strange scholarships at first glance, it really isn't that unusual. The purpose of this scholarship program is to recognize and promote scholarship in the area of language study. You don't even have to speak Klingon to be eligible!

Candidates for this award must be nominated by the dean of his or her academic department. Nominators may submit only one undergraduate and one graduate student each year. Nominees must be full-time students enrolled in a language study degree program.


  • Academic Achievement
  • Faculty Recommendations (nomination from chair and two additional recommendations)
  • Statement about candidate's accomplishments and goals in language study
  • Resume or vita
  • Speaking Klingon is not necessary, but preference is given to innovative applicants
Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee consisting of the director of the KLI and a panel of accomplished language specialists. Completed applications must be received prior to June 1. Each year's winner is formally announced at the KLI annual conference.

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