The Klingon Language Institute Scholarship for Language Study

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The Klingon Language Institute Scholarship for Language Study

Even though the Klingon Language Institute's (KLI) $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship sounds like one of the more strange scholarships at first glance, it really isn't that unusual. The purpose of this scholarship program is to recognize and promote scholarship in the area of language study. You don't even have to speak Klingon to be eligible!

Candidates for this award must be nominated by the dean of his or her academic department. Nominators may submit only one undergraduate and one graduate student each year. Nominees must be full-time students enrolled in a language study degree program.


  • Academic Achievement
  • Faculty Recommendations (nomination from chair and two additional recommendations)
  • Statement about candidate's accomplishments and goals in language study
  • Resume or vita
  • Speaking Klingon is not necessary, but preference is given to innovative applicants
Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee consisting of the director of the KLI and a panel of accomplished language specialists. Completed applications must be received prior to June 1. Each year's winner is formally announced at the KLI annual conference.



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