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I want to get into nursing, are there scholarships for me?

Scholarships for Nursing Majors

There is a shortage of nurses in this country and, for those students interested in getting into the nursing field, there are many scholarships available.

• The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association has a scholarship for students who maintain a certain GPA.
• The Bureau of Health Professionals offers scholarships for nursing.
• The ACORN Foundation also offers scholarships for students interested in pursuing nursing.

Are there scholarships for minorities interested in nursing?

Minority Nursing Scholarships

In addition to the standard scholarships offered for nursing students, there are many scholarships offered for minority students.

• Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc, offers scholarships at all levels to minority nursing students.

• The National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association has scholarships for 10 students seeking to study nursing.

• National Black Nurses Association offers a "Nurse of the Year" scholarship to a member in pursuit of a degree.

I already know what field of nursing I want to concentrate on, are there scholarships?

Concentration Scholarships

Those students who are organized enough to know what field of nursing they wish to pursue have an added advantage. Many organizations offer full scholarships to students to enter their field.

From ER to Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery to Oncology, there are scholarships out there. Contacting the agency that oversees each field is a good place to start when looking for a scholarship.

What is a repayment program?

Repayment Programs

A repayment program is not a scholarship or any other financial aid package for students, it is a program designed to help nurses after they graduate. These programs are licensed to help individuals pay off their loans.

The programs pay back part of students' outstanding loans in exchange for work in understaffed facilities or in areas of with poor health care. The percentage of the loan paid back and the amount of time the nurse is required to stay in the area or at the facility varies greatly. Some organizations that offer repayment programs are:

• The Nurse Loan Repayment & Scholarship Program
• The National Health Service Corps
• The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (sponsored by the Bureau of Health Professions).

What is the ROTC Nursing program?

ROTC Nursing Scholarships

If you know that you want to be a nurse, the Army ROTC offers an excellent program that will give you tuition help. The ROTC program offers 2, 3 and 4 year undergraduate scholarships for nursing students.

Contact you guidance consular or ROTC representative to get more details regarding the many advantages of this program.

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