Where to Look for Scholarship Opportunities

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Where can I look for scholarship opportunities?

Where to Look for Scholarship Opportunities

When you are searching for scholarship opportunities, it is important to keep your eyes open for every possible source of scholarship funding. There are many different types of scholarship opportunities, including programs for high school seniors, non-traditional students, upper division college students, graduate students, and even fellowships for post-graduate study. Scholarship providers often include: schools, corporations, charitable foundations, professional organizations, government agencies, and even individuals fund scholarship programs.

Places to Look for Scholarships:

  • High school guidance counselor
  • Student organizations in which you hold memberships
  • College financial aid office
  • College admissions office
  • Academic department
  • Employer (yours or your parents)
  • Scholarship search engines
  • Professional organizations related to your field of study
  • Organizations that represent or advocate any minority class that applies to you
  • Relevant special interest advocacy organizations
  • Local community foundation



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