How to Find Corporate Scholarships

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How can I learn about corporate Scholarship programs?

How to Find Corporate Scholarships

There are several ways to approach finding corporate scholarships. Some companies have scholarship programs specifically for children of their employees, so be sure to check out this possibility.

Additionally, there are a number of online resources devoted to helping match applicants with scholarship programs, some of which offer valuable services and some of which may be scams. Keep in mind that you should never have to pay money to learn about or apply for scholarship opportunities. For example, is a valuable resource for those interested in finding scholarships.

Your high school guidance counselor can also provide a wealth of information about corporate scholarships. Let your counselor know that you are interested in applying for scholarships, and ask him or her to let you know when programs for which you are eligible become available.

If you are already enrolled in college, ask your financial aid officer and academic advisor to let you know of any scholarship opportunities they learn about.

Most local libraries also carry books that detail scholarship resources. Some scholarship books may be available for checkout, and others may be housed at the reference desk. Ask a reference librarian for recommendations about the best publications to check for corporate scholarship programs.



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