Conducting a Web Search for Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships

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Conducting a Web Search for Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships

There are a lot of web resources out there for scholarships, grants and fellowships. If you go to Google and just type in scholarships you are likely to be bombarded with a ton of information and you are just as likely to miss out on certain opportunities. Although they all typically involve educational funding, scholarships, grants and fellowships can all require different applications, areas of study, financial need and even physical characteristics.

Knowing your search terms is going to be the key to a self run college funding search, so don't leave terms like "fellowship" or "grant" or even "scholarship grant" out in the cold during your web search.

Additionally, if you are passionate about a subject or an area of study and you know that is the direction you want to drive your career and your future, search according to topics and strengths. Try and focus your terminology as much as possible because relevant results will be far more likely.



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