Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarships

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I am deaf or hard of hearing, are there scholarships for me?

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Scholarships

Students who are deaf and hard of hearing have scholarship opportunities from many different sources.

• Some schools try to ensure deaf and hard of hearing students at least 70% of their tuition in scholarship or grant form.

• Some states offer a tuition/fee exemption for deaf or hard of hearing students attending public colleges.

• Some groups offer scholarships exclusively to their members.

As with other disabilities, the level of disability required to qualify varies from scholarship to scholarship.



9/17/2007 10:00:01 PM
Courtney said:

this is a good tip. thanks!

5/14/2009 3:50:30 PM
donna said:

does C.A.D. ( Central Auditory Defacit ) qualify...???


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