Scholarships are Like a Box of Crayons...

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What kind of scholarships are available?

Scholarships are Like a Box of Crayons...

Crayola Crayons started out with eight colors. Today, a box of crayons has 120 different colors. However, while that sounds like a lot of colors, they are actually all variations of the original eight. Scholarships are very similar; there seems to be a scholarship available for everyone. All scholarships can be broken down into one of four categories:

• The Merit Scholarship is based on academics and are awarded to those in the highest percentiles in the country. These students usually graduated in the top of the class, had excellent GPAs and standardized test scores.

• Need-Based Scholarships are based solely on financial considerations. Each scholarship has a formula as to what is considered financial neediness.

• Athletic Scholarships are for athletes and are awarded based on athletic abilities coupled with academic requirements.



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