No Senior Slump Allowed

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How do I keep my focus at the end of my senior year?

No Senior Slump Allowed

We've all been there - the end is near and the future lies on the horizon. The senior slump is that stretch of time after the New Year, before graduation, when a student's focus begins to slip.

Although you may have already been accepted to your school of choice, this is an important time to stay focused to win scholarships.

During this time, you should apply for as many scholarships as you can, compare financial aid packages from the colleges you have been accepted to, and finalize your choice of school (notify those you plan to decline).

This last stretch is also when you need to submit your FAFSA form (January to March). After all this is complete, then you will be able to sit back, enjoy the summer, and get ready to be a college student.



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