Memorial Scholarships Pay Tribute to Important People

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What is the purpose of memorial scholarship funds?

Memorial Scholarships Pay Tribute to Important People

Setting up a memorial scholarship is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away. There are a many different ways to approach setting up a memorial scholarship. When thinking about setting up a memorial scholarship fund, it is a good idea to consider what causes were near and dear to the heart of the person for whom the fund will be named.

Examples of Memorial Scholarship Funds:

College Activity: The parents of Connie Keicher, a former member of the University of Michigan Marching band, established a scholarship in her memory that is awarded to a member of the school's band each year.

Illness: The Matt Stauffer Memorial Scholarship, administered through the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, is awarded to young people living with cancer who are seeking higher education.

Career Path: The Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship (from television's Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), administered by the Academy of Television Arts & Science Foundation is awarded to college students pursing careers in children's media.

What better way to honor the memory of someone who made an impact on your life than with a memorial scholarship fund that can have a positive impact on many additional lives in the future?



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