Scholarship Success Stories

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Can a donation-based scholarship fund really make a difference?

Scholarship Success Stories

Behind every scholarship is a student who went on to excel in their educational endeavors and career goals. offers a free service that allows students to find scholarships that are suited to them, rather than spend time sifting through awards for which they may not even qualify. If you're wondering whether or not a scholarship is for you, conduct a free scholarship search and see if it turns up in your search results. Check out some of's scholarship success stories and learn how scholarships have helped millions of students.

For example, Diane M, of Miami, FL had this to say about
"Thanks to, I haven't had to pay a cent for my entire college education. I've collected a wealth of scholarships ranging from $500 to $10,000. I am currently a Junior at Tulane University studying premed and so far my college education has been completely paid for! I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for I just thought I'd say thank you for providing such an amazing service to college students. Keep up the good work!"

And Brennan K. of San Diego, CA said:

"In the end I had to turn down some of the money just because I had over and above what I needed to go to college. I could have taken it all but I wanted to give another person in my shoes the same chance that I had. I want them to get a scholarship and continue the dream that I so honorably get to live. "

There are lots more. Just go to's scholarship success stories page to read them all!



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