Military Tuition Assistance Programs Provide Money for College

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How can joining the military help me pay for college?

Military Tuition Assistance Programs Provide Money for College

Getting involved with the United States military can help students get money for college. The different branches of the service offer a number of programs that provide access to educational money for college students.

Military tuition assistance programs include:

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) - The ROTC program provides scholarships that cover up to 4 years of full tuition and an annual stipend. Program participants enter active duty military service following graduation at an officer rank.

Montgomery GI Bill - Many members of the Reserves or National Guard and veterans honorably discharged from active duty are eligible to receive money to pay for college tuition or other training programs under the Montgomery GI bill.

GI Bill Kicker (Army, Navy, and Marine Corp College Funds) - Eligible reservists and active duty personnel who meet specific requirements upon initial enlistment may qualify for additional funds that will nearly double the value of their GI Bill funding.

Loan Repayment Program - In some situations, the military may help active duty personnel repay approved Perkins, Stafford, or other Federal Student loan programs.

Tuition Assistance - Each branch of the military service offer up to 100% reimbursement to active duty personnel who take classes at accredited institutions while off-duty.



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