Save Money by Starting at a Community College

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Are there any benefits to starting out at a community college and then transferring to a senior university?

Save Money by Starting at a Community College

Many students who choose to attend a two-year community college prior to transferring to a four-year university as a means of controlling college tuition costs. Tuition tends to be less expensive at community colleges than at senior universities. Regardless of your major, it is likely that your first two years of classes will be core courses such as math, science, English, etc. that will be basically the same no matter where you take them. When looking for college tuition help, it makes sense to help yourself by choosing the least expensive option for taking your core classes.

Typically, as long as you stay within the same state when you transfer from the community college to a senior university, you will get transfer credit for all of the core courses you took at the community college level (assuming you passed them). Most states require state-supported universities to accept transfer credit from state supported community colleges. By taking many of your core courses at a community college before transferring in to a 4-year Bachelor's degree program, you will reduce the total cost of your education.



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