Win a Scholarship for Wearing Duct Tape!

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Are there really scholarships for designing clothes from duct tape?

Win a Scholarship for Wearing Duct Tape!

One of the more wacky scholarships available is the “Stuck at Prom” Duck Brand duct tape scholarship contest. To enter, you and your prom date simply need to create prom outfits made from Duck Brand duct tape, and submit a color photograph of the two of you wearing your creations along with release forms and contact information.

Even though such scholarships are far from traditional, the prize money from weird scholarships is just as real as that awarded to recipients of academic or athletic scholarships. First place “Stuck at Prom” winners receive $3,000 each, and the school that hosted their prom event will receive the same amount. Second and third place prices of $2,000 and $1,000 are awarded in the same manner.



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