Fulbright Program for U.S. Students Funds Overseas Graduate Study

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Are there any scholarship opportunities for American graduate students who wish to study abroad?

Fulbright Program for U.S. Students Funds Overseas Graduate Study

The Fulbright Program for U.S. Students provides graduate scholarships for US citizens who wish to study overseas. Fulbright graduate education scholarships fund one academic year of overseas study in one of the more than 140 participating countries. Fulbright scholarships are available in all fields of study, and over 1,300 grants are awarded each year.

Applicants must have earned a Bachelor's degree and must not yet have completed a Ph.D. in order to be eligible. Fulbright awards may cover one or more of the following: coursework and/or teaching assistantship, independent research, or the pursuit of professional training in the arts.

The program is open to those who have recently completed baccalaureate degrees, candidates for Master's and Doctoral degrees, and young professionals who hold B.A. or Master's degrees or higher in fields such as journalism, business, the law, writing, etc.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the language of the country in which they will study. Typically, preference is given to those whose collegiate studies were completed at institutions within the US, and who have not previously lived or studied in the country to which they are applying for a period of more than six months, unless such residence was related to military service.

The Fulbright Program's graduate study scholarships are funded through an annual congressional appropriation to the US Department of State along with financial contributions from participating governments and host institutions.



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