Resources for Researching Nonacademic Art and Music Scholarships

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How can I find music and art scholarship opportunities?

Resources for Researching Nonacademic Art and Music Scholarships

Talented musicians and artists often qualify for nonacademic scholarships based on their artistic talents. Schools that offer music and art programs typically offer scholarships for students majoring in these areas that are awarded competitively based on talent. Colleges and universities with marching bands and other performing groups even offer nonacademic scholarships that allow performers to major in any field of study.

Resources for finding opportunities to apply for music and art scholarships include:

  • Discuss your college goals with your high school guidance counselor, art or music instructor, band director, etc.
  • Inquire about music and art scholarship opportunities available from the schools you are interested in attending. Ask your admissions officer, financial aid officer, and the chair of the department in which you plan to enroll.
  • Check websites for renowned music schools no matter where you plan to attend school. For example, The New England Conservatory of Music publishes a comprehensive listing of music scholarships.
  • Research national non-profit organizations and professional associations specific to your proposed field of study. Many such organizations offer scholarships. For example, The American Art Therapy Association provides several college and conference scholarships.
  • Investigate local and regional non-profit and professional organizations dedicated to promoting the arts. These groups often provide scholarships for members and local residents to further arts-related training. For example, the Lubbock (TX) Art Association funds scholarships for graduating seniors from a high school in Lubbock county who demonstrate promise in the arts. There may be similar program in your community!



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