The Montgomery GI Bill- for Active Duty and Veterans

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I am a military veteran, is there any financial assistance for me?

The Montgomery GI Bill- for Active Duty and Veterans

For the men and women of the military that are in active duty or a veteran, the Montgomery GI Bill was created to help defray the coast of education. The GI Bill will provide up to 36 months of educational support for those who qualify. Some qualifications are: the soldier must have contributed to the fund for 12 months and must have at least 2 years active duty.

There are circumstances that can cause disqualification, such as dishonorable discharge or a decline of benefits in writing. Check with your local military branch to see if you qualify.



8/30/2006 8:43:00 PM

Vietnam Vets that were in service from 1968 to 1988 that could not go to school for family survival reasons, cannot go to school and use any benifits, even if they have combat disabilities. If they found some knothead alcoholic in the middle of the street, cleaned him up, found out he served two years in the army, and had no combat background. He could get all the benifits that the VA has to offer. Because I work and have a good income, I have to pay...period. Two PURPLE HEARTS, one SILVER STAR, BRONZE STAR WITH COMBAT V, the Vietnam Cross Of Gallantry and other numerous worthless medales make no difference. Yes, your right, another mad at the world Vietnam Vet. Just try being in my shoes for ten minutes and think about it.

1/22/2009 6:42:32 AM
rthatchjr said:

Dear Mr kelliey,I am truly sorry for the way our veterans of vietnam were treated!!My father is also a veteran of vietnam and it just tears me up that the same people that refused to serve and spit on our veterans are now the ones in power!! LET ME FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART SAY THANK YOU!!I truly appreciate and love you guys,may all of you find the peace you deserve.


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