Are You a Poet and You Know it?

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I love writing poetry, can this help me get a scholarship?

Are You a Poet and You Know it?

For the budding Byron, there are many places to look to turn your passion into financial aid. The John Engman Poetry Scholarship offers annual scholarship contests for poetry.

Many colleges, such as Berkeley and Indiana, have scholarship contests specifically for their students. Whatever your poetic persuasion (couplet, sonnet, free flow, etc.) there is a scholarship contest for you.



12/5/2007 11:09:52 AM
James Edmond III said:

I have great skills in poetry and I can basically write about any topic in mind including references. I have just been accepted to a college I desperately want to attend but I know my financial stability is going to be a barrier. I visited this website in the search of a scholarship pertaining to this subject because I know my creative writing and poetry talents are tremendous. I want to make my unique talent useful by displaying it to others and hopefully receive some notification to help financially. This will only assist me to obtain a degree in my major which is Mechanical Engineering.


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