Scholarships and the Single Parent

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I am a single parent, is other any aid for me?

Scholarships and the Single Parent

Many children are born to single parents. For these parents, continuing education is a struggle. Fortunately, more scholarships for these parents are being developed. Filling out the FAFSA helps determine one's need and can help single parents get as much funding as possible.

At the institutional level, single parent scholarships are becoming more and more commonplace. In addition to financial aid for educational expenses, some colleges are developing reduced cost or free child care so parents can attend classes and not have to worry about their children.



7/26/2006 11:58:13 AM
kyana said:

I am a junior in highschool trying to start early on my search please help

12/16/2007 11:15:49 AM
Kayla said:

I am a senior in High School trying to find ways to get into the college I got excepted to! My mother is going through her 2 divorce! PLease Help!


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